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Sun, 09/15/1996
Tue, 05/22/2018
Wed, 05/23/2018

The Registered Nurse (R.N.) functions according to the Registered Nurse Practice Act of the State of California, and must be in possession of a current and valid license in good standing. Under Standardized Procedures the R.N. may perform in an expanded role to provide care and counseling on a variety of health related topics. R.N. job classifications include Clinic Nurse (CN) II and III. Promotion from CN II to CN III is based on years of experience, demonstration of ability to function at higher level of independence and complexity, and clinic operational need. The CN II and CN III examine and evaluate patients in accordance with algorithms and protocols, which are reviewed as needed.


The R.N. works closely with the supervising physician to provide care and follow-up for Same Day Clinic patients.

The R.N. utilizes Triage Guidelines to screen and direct patients for appropriate care, provide prescription refills under standing orders, and makes referrals to other agencies or departments.

The R.N. functions according to Standardized Procedures in performing limited exams, ordering particular diagnostic procedures, providing health information regarding common minor health problems, transmitting lab and X-ray orders, providing immunizations,  treating non-genital warts, and allergy immunotherapy injection services.   

Under Standardized  Procedures the R.N. transmits prescriptions related to travel, contraception, Urinary Tract Infections, and Strep throat cultures positive for Group A Beta Hemolytic Strep.

The R.N. cleans and dresses wounds and assists with procedures according to training and standardized procedure.

The R.N. may initiate or assist with provision of emergency care, maintains current BLS certification including AED use, and attends at least annual in-service education on emergency care.

KEY POINTS The R.N. is licensed to practice in the State of California, and abides by the regulations of the Nurse Practice Act. Independent functions that are unique to this facility are codified in Standarized Procedure to which the R.N. adheres.

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