Known or potential addictive behaviors and substance abuse


Client self-understanding, motivation, and decision-making


The organization has appropriate and adequate resources to provide quality behavioral health services. These resources include but are not limited to facilities, equipment, providers, and clinical and administrative support staff.

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An initial behavioral health history and medical history of each client is present in the clinial record.


The clinical record is periodically updated, and may include assessment and management of:


When behavioral health services are provided by an organization, those services are under the direction of a licensed professional who has been designated by the organization's governing body to provide such oversight.


Behavioral health services are provided only by health care professionals who are competent to perform such services. Such services are provided in accordance with AAAHC standards and adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local requirements, and to appropriate professional ethics standards.


Other personnel assisting in the provision or administration of behavioral health services are carefully selected and are subject to supervision by a licensed professional.


Behavioral health services are limited to those services that are approved by the governing body, consistent with the overall mission of the organization, and responsive and specific to the diverse needs of the population being served. Behavioral health services may include but are not limited to the following:

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