Effective Date: 
Wed, 09/15/2004
Mon, 04/16/2018
Wed, 03/31/2021

Medications and vaccines which are stocked outside the pharmacy are checked monthly by nursing staff for appropriate stock levels and for expiration dates. A monthly log/checklist is used in all areas where medications are stored. The Pharmacy staff fills and documents replacement requests sent from nursing.



Nursing staff conducts monthly inventories of medications and vaccines stored outside the pharmacy on the monthly log. These areas include the Nurse's Stations, Treatment Rooms, Allergy Immunization & Travel (AIT), the Nurse's Clinic and the Procedure Rooms.
Inventory levels are checked and additional supplies from pharmacy are ordered on the inventory form by nursing staff if required. The pharmacy staff fills the requisition and documents the transfer of medications.

Expiration Dates

Additionally, expiration dates are checked and any outdated items are removed from stock and replaced by pharmacy, upon nursing staff request.

Multiple Dose Containers

In general, multi-dose vials are good for 28 or 30 days, depending on the product, after opening, however, in the interest of safety, the Student Health Center has decided that any multi-dose vial not excluded below will be discarded after one use. 

Nursing staff will date and initial multi-dose vials when they are first opened. Any multiple use product will be discarded within 30 days (or upon the date of expiration with special manufacturer documentation), if cross-contamination occurs, or at the discretion of the nursing or provider staff.  Note: some multidose vials are used as "singel dose vials".  See policy.

Certain medications may be discarded at a time-frame longer than 30 days if supported by documentation from the manufacturer.  These medications may include but are not limited to:  IPOL, Typhim VI and Pneumovax.  The expiration date listed on the medication container will be used.

Key Points: 
  • Monthly inspections are done by nursing staff for all medications stocked outside the pharmacy on the monthly log
  • Supplies are ordered from pharmacy by nursing staff if required
  • Orders for medication supplies for the clinic are made under the authority of the Medical Director