Effective Date: 
Mon, 11/01/2004
Sun, 04/01/2018
Sun, 04/01/2018

Pharmacy technicians provide non-discretionary pharmacy tasks at the UCSC Student Health Pharmacy, under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist per the California State Board of Pharmacy laws, rules and regulations.


Duties of pharmacy technicians at UCSC are as follows:

  • Typing and processing prescriptions
  • Removing the drug or drugs from stock
  • Counting, pouring, or mixing pharmaceuticals
  • Placing the product into a container
  • Affixing the label or labels to the container and initialing the label
  • Packaging and repackaging (probiotics)
  • Verifying the patient's identity by Student ID number, and patient birthdate
  • Cash handling

Specific additional UCSC Pharmacy duties also include:

  • Maintain stock and general appearance of the pharmacy and items in the Pharmacy Lobby
  • Restocking vials
  • Restocking oral contraceptives
  • Bundling filled hardcopy prescriptions and filing filled and unfilled prescriptions and documents
  • Taking refrigerator and freezer temperatures
  • Checking and documenting the expiration date of the AED
  • Filling clinic medication inventory
  • Tagging, pricing, loading into inventory system and restocking daily deliveries (rotating stock so that nearest expiring medication is used first)
  • Ordering from pharmacy wholesaler and other vendors
  • Restocking anaphylaxis kits and clinic supplies
  • Dumping trash and/or recycling 
  • Filing – End of Day reports, mail etc.
  • Cleaning counters
  • Organizing and tidying shelves, inside and outside the Pharmacy
  • Projects
  • Checking for outdates (done quarterly) in Pharmacy and clinic as needed
  • Restocking bags, labels, paper, toner, register tapes etc.
  • Updating costs, charges and billing formulae in computer from invoices and filing including vaccine and LARC prices
  • Placing vendor return requests
  • Updating binders, paperwork and documents
  • Recalls
  • Photocopying
  • Transporting mail, products, paperwork etc. within the Student Health Center
  • Shelving and assisting with Optometry deliveries
  • Sending secure messages and or texts messages to patients as required
  • All processes for mailing prescriptions
  • Printing required reports i.e. Refills Due
  • Participating in annual inventory

Pharmacy technicians may NOT do the following:

  • Receive a new oral prescription
  • Consult with a patient about their prescription/s or regarding any medical information
  • Identify, evaluate and interpret a prescription
  • Interpret the clinical data in a patient medication record system or chart
  • Consult with any prescriber, nurse or other health care practitioner
  • Supervise the packaging of drugs and check the packaging procedure and product upon completion
  • Perform any duties which federal or state law or regulation authorizes only a registered pharmacist to perform
  • Perform any functions which require professional judgment
  • Pharmacists only will fill C-II prescriptions
Key Points: 
  • Pharmacy technician duties include tasks listed in the California State Board of Pharmacy Law with Rules and Regulations
  • There are additional, specific UCSC SHS Pharmacy duties
  • Pharmacy technicians will not perform any functions which require professional judgment