Effective Date: 
Sun, 09/15/1996
Mon, 08/22/2011
Mon, 09/18/2017

The SHC adheres to UCSC Risk Services policy on workers compensation. The SHC does not provide workers compensation care for UCSC employees. (see Worker's Comp Process for UCSC employees located in internal references in EMR).  Occasionally, UCSC students eligible for SHC services and employed off campus (non UCSC employment) will present to the SHC for work related injury or illness assistance.

Many employers have a contracted Workers Compensation occupational health clinic where employees should preferably have their initial assessment.  The SHC will assist the UCSC student in contacting their employer to determine the appropriate care provider for their work-related injury. 

It is always appropriate to give immediate first aid to injured workers and not delay care while the employer is being contacted for further information. 
If the employer identifies another provider for injured workers, the role of the Student Health Center is to facilitate the transfer of care to the designated provider. If a student chooses to decline their employer designated workers compensation provider, they will be informed that they may be responsible for more costs stemming from the work related injury or illness.  After informing the student of their options and potential costs, the student may be seen for medical evaluation at the SHC like any other eligible student seen for non work related injury or illness. Students may prefer the convenience of care at the SHC even if it results in more out of pocket costs than if they had gone through their employer's workers compensation process and designated provider.


When an eligible UCSC student presents with a non-UCSC work-related injury, the clinician or designee contacts the employer for direction on which facility is authorized to provider workers compensation evaluations. If the employer is unavailable and or the patient condition is acute, care is initiated at the SHC and not delayed while awaiting response from the employer.
If the employer authorizes treatment at the Student Health Center, care is delivered. The clinician completes a Doctor’s First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness and distributes the report according to the instructions at the top of the form.  A copy is scanned into the EMR.  This may or may not be the current form in use and is not use for UCSC staff.
If care is initiated at the Student Health Center and follow up care is to be continued by the employer’s Workers Compensation provider, the clinician completes a Doctor’s First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness and distributes according to the instructions at the top of the form.