Effective Date: 
Wed, 02/01/2012
Mon, 04/30/2018
Mon, 04/30/2018

This policy addresses the procedure for faxed notification of after hours calls to the contracted Nurse Advice line service and the process by which SHC would forward calls to this service during our regularly open hours.


When the Student Health Services are closed, options for care include: Protocall (CAPS), After Hours Nurse Advice Line, Urgent Care Centers, local hospitals, 911 for emergency services. The UCSC campus has paramedics on campus 24/7.  These options are listed on our website and posted at entrance doors to the facility.

Follow Up After Hours Nurse Advice Line Calls

1.  Call reports from the after hours Nurse Advice line service are received on the Health Information Management (HIM) fax daily.

2.  HIM staff date stamps each call report and puts the Student ID number on the report. All the reports for the day are delivered to the charge nurse the next time that HIM staff makes its rounds.

3.  The charge nurse reviews each report and initials that they have reviewed the report.

  • For urgent/emergency reports, the charge nurse is to call the patient and document contact attempts in the EMR (for data collection purposes the "After Hours Report Review" template must be used).  If the charge nurse has called the patient once and not reached the patient, then a secure message is sent to the patient, using standard Text Macro language.
  • Non-urgent reports do not require that the patient be contacted. Patients should be contacted for follow-up of these calls at the nurse’s discretion.

4.  When the charge nurse has reviewed and initialed the reports, they are returned to HIM. HIM staff scans each report into the appropriate patient chart under the category “After Hours NurseLine.”

5.  Hard copies of the Nurse Advice line call reports are to be filed in the After Hours Nurse Advice Line folder located in the PHI rack in HIM. These hard copy records are kept 3 months then shredded as per UCSC SHS Medical Records department guidelines.

Diverting Calls to the Nurse Advice Contracted Service During Open Hours:

In the event that an emergency or unusual occurrence makes it necessary to divert calls to the After Hours Nurse Advice Service (as of 10/10/16 Sirona/Citra Health Services is the contracted provider) during SHC regularly open hours, the following process should be followed. A member of the SHC Management Team will determine if diverting calls is indicated:

1.  Divert Nurse Advice Line as per instructions in Triage 2 location

2.  Call Client Services Support at 1-888-899-4227, ext 1.  During the hour 8am-5pm EST, M-F this line is answered by a Client Services Team member who will assist with notifying the Sirona operations team on how to handle any calls.

3.  Depending on the nature of the emergency or unusual occurrence, it may be helpful to provide the After Hours Service with an emergency services phone number or website so they can direct students questions about the emergency appropriately.