Effective Date: 
Sun, 09/01/1996
Tue, 08/31/2021
Tue, 08/31/2021

The UCSC Student Health Center (SHC) administers only local/topical anesthesia when providing minor surgical services such as laceration repair, I&D, or simple biopsy. Conscious sedation, regional anesthesia, deep sedation/analgesia, and general anesthesia are not provided at the Student Health Center.

Student Health Center clinicians are privileged to provide local/topical anesthesia as part of the credentialing process. The governing body approves anesthesia privileges. 

Anesthesia services are supervised by the medical director and associate medical director. 


A credentialed Student Health Center clinician assesses the patient, including noting the presence or absence of any allergies, prior to administration of local/topical anesthesia.

The plan for administration of local/topical anesthesia is discussed with the patient prior to the administration of the agent.

The patient's informed consent, the administration and quantity of local/topical anesthesia and the patient's responses are documented in the clinical record.

Emergency equipment including AED, anaphylaxis kits, oxygen and oxygen delivery system,
and suction is available in areas of the Student Health Center where the need might be reasonably expected.

Key Points: 
  • The Student Health Center administers only local/topical anesthesia