Effective Date: 
Mon, 09/01/2003
Fri, 06/18/2021
Fri, 06/18/2021

All currently registered undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to use all Student Health Center services. Students will be asked their current student ID number when requesting services. Costs will vary depending on students insurance status.

Health Center services include:

  • Primary Care inperson and telehealth medical appointments for non-urgent issues including care for ongoing health problems, gynecological care, contraception, genital issues, travel consults, and for preventive health and wellness visits
  • Same Day Clinic services requiring immediate attention

Appointments can be accessed in three ways:

  • By phone
  • Online—via the website at:
  • In person

Appointment making staff follow specific guidelines when scheduling appointments. During specific times, students also have the options of consulting with the Advice Nurse via phone or the Triage Nurse in person, to help assist them in making an appropriate plan of care.