Effective Date: 
Tue, 06/12/2012
Mon, 07/19/2021
Mon, 07/19/2021

Basic household cleaning is provided by the custodial staff from the Campus Facilities Department.  The cleaning contract specifies that the custodial staff will provide the following weekday services in the Laboratory:

  • Sinks and all restrooms are cleaned using approved cleaning agents/products.
  • Floors and rugs are swept, mopped, and/or vacuumed
  • Containers of non-hazardous trash are emptied
  • Less frequent cleaning, such as waxing the floors or cleaning the fan/s, vents and fume hood is arranged by the laboratory supervisor

2.   Clinical Laboratory Scientist/s, phlebotomist and student helpers are responsible for cleaning/disinfecting surface areas, equipment, mouse and keyboards, phlebotomy chair, baskets and dumbwaiter. This cleaning is done in the morning, and at the end of the day, between patients or as needed.

3.  Morning cleaning prior to start of patient care includes checking the laboratory and bathrooms for cleanliness and making sure hand sanitizers, hand soap, and paper towels have been adequately stocked. Specific cleaning of equipment, containers, and surfaces is done according to the communicable disease protocols. End of the day cleaning includes cleaning working surfaces, equipment, mouse and keyboards, phlebotomy chair, baskets, and dumbwaiter using approved agents/products. See attached Daily Check list.

4.  Contaminated equipment, baskets are washed/scrubbed and disinfected daily between uses and/or between patients using the approved products.

5. Biohazard waste/trash receptacles are checked daily to monitor contents and volume.  Biohazard receptacles are emptied as needed and at least weekly by laboratory personnel only. Please refer to Hazardous Waste/Hazardous Materials policy within the Lab Quality Control section.