Effective Date: 
Sun, 04/01/2012
Thu, 05/27/2021

Continuing Education (CE) is mandatory in California for licensed laboratory personnel. In addition, some regulatory and accrediting agencies require ongoing continuing education for non-waived laboratory staff. It also provides opportunities for technical staff to keep current in their areas of licensure by expanding or reinforcing their base of knowledge in an ever changing and evolving profession.  At UCSC, unions have contracted specifically for paid time for continuing education.


Materials for Continuing Education may be found through medical and laboratory periodicals. Several agencies offer comprehensive studies for purchase and award CE credits when answer forms are submitted. Laboratory staff may also earn continuing education credits by attending educational opportunities provided throughout the medical community. In addition, the staff can receive credit when they are trained on new analyzers and equipment purchased for the facility.

Every effort will be made to provide coverage for the employees who would like to attend special CE presentations.

Employees are responsible for keeping documentation of the CE units or courses taken to present to the state or accrediting agency upon request.