Effective Date: 
Wed, 08/10/2011
Mon, 06/07/2021
Mon, 06/07/2021

To standardize methods used to decontaminate and disinfect sterilized equipment following use. Decontamination is designed to remove rather than destroy microorganisms. Disinfection is an intermediate measure between physical decontamination and sterilization. Sterilization is the destruction of all forms of microbial life.

All patient care equipment will be maintained to assure the equipment is in proper working order and safe for patient use.  Patient Care equipment is processed per manufacturer's instructions, which are reviewed annually.


 Nursing personnel, or designee are responsible  for the cleaning of patient care equipment as recommended by the manufacturer.  Patient care equipment such as blood pressure cuffs, O2 saturation monitors, etc. are cleaned once daily or after patient use as indicated.

1.Spot Vital Signs Unit (casing):  Once daily wipe the unit with a cloth slightly dampened with approved product. Never immerse the Spot Vital Signs unit in any type of fluid.  Do not use ethyl alcohol to clean the unit.

  • Blood Pressure Cuff:  Wipe the durable one-piece blood pressure cuff,  the cabling and pressure hose with a cloth dampened with the approved product.   Do not immerse hose.  Allow to air-dry thoroughly before next use.  Manual blood pressure cuffs will be cleaned in the same manner.  
  • Temperature Probe:  The temperature probe is cleaned by wiping with an alcohol-dampened cloth, or wipe with warm water or properly diluted, non-staining disinfectant.  Do not immerse probe.
  • Sp02 Sensor: Clean the SpO2 sensor with isopropyl alcohol solution and air dry.

2.  All other patient care equipment will be cleaned after each patient use per manufacturer instructions.  These items include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ear lavage equipment
  • Peak flow meters
  • Audiometer
  • Nebulizer
  • Diaphragm (see attached policy link)

3.   Document equipment cleaning on daily log.