Effective Date: 
Wed, 01/06/2016
Wed, 07/14/2021
Wed, 07/14/2021

The Student Health Center will begin to divert students if all of the case management and appointment slots are filled for the day.   


1.  The charge nurse will make the decision to divert in consultation with the medical director or available manager.

2.  When it has been decided to go on “diversion status” a broadcast IM to all of the SHS community. 

3.  The nurse advice line will be diverted to the after-hours advice line.

4.  Signage at the main entrance will be posted at the Health Center main entrance which says:

“The Student Health Center is experiencing higher than normal demand for care.  Please consider returning tomorrow.  If you need to be seen today, our office may assist you to be seen at an off campus site if necessary.”

5.  When the Health Center is on diversion, students will still be evaluated by the triage nurse who will determine the appropriate plan of care in collaboration with the student.   All available staff will assist with triage as able.