Effective Date: 
Sun, 09/15/1996
Wed, 06/02/2021
Wed, 06/02/2021

All currently registered undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to use Student Health Services (SHS). A current Student Identification (SID) is required when the student registers for services.  Any student can speak with a registered nurse for a no charge consultation, who will assist them to make a plan appropriate to their needs.

Once a student is no longer registered/graduated at UCSC, s/he can only continue treatment, on a fee-for-service basis at the SHS, if using UC SHIP, for summer quarter.

Students from other UC campuses, with current valid student ID cards, may be seen on a fee-for-service basis. For specific information and the process, please see the form: UC Reciprocity Flow Sheet.

Other recognized student service categories that are eligible to use the Student Health Services are listed below, grouped by the type of payment for services. Proof of current enrollment or name on a current available roster in these programs is required prior to services. The programs have made arrangements with the SHS to pay fees for their participants (see below). Otherwise, students are responsible for payment of all billable services at the SHS. Fees can be applied to the student AIS accounts or can be paid on the date of service.

Note: SHS does not provide services to faculty or staff or visitors and does not provide occupational health care. UC employees may be seen by exception, for urgent/emergent occupationally related illness or injury, or for immunization clinics. Payment must be made on the day of service at the Pharmacy. Decisions for these exceptions will be made by Administration.

However, First Aid is provided to anyone entering the building with an immediate need.

All UC employees are instructed to seek healthcare elsewhere according to their insurance coverage, unless part of an approved University program covered by a recharge, or for Over-the-Counter products from the Pharmacy.  Examples of services provided by recharge are quite limited but may include influenza vaccines for broader campus community  vaccine clinics and hepatitis B vaccine series  for UCSC police department staff.  In general recharges should be facilitated ahead of time between the other campus department and the SHS Billing Specialist and appointments for these services should be made.  At times, if clinic flow allows, the services may be provided on a drop-in basis.

Dependents of UCSC students enrolled in the campus Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), must have medical visits and other services conducted off campus.

UCSC Extension Students are not eligible for services and should be referred to local providers in their insurance carrier network.  NOTE: Their card may state to use the Student Health Center, but that has never been arranged.

Care is restricted to patients over 12 years of age.

The UCSC Student Health Center does not accept nor bill MediCal or any outside insurance.



The SHS is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, and is closed evenings, weekends and holidays honored by the University of California.

After hours, a Nurse Advice Line and a CAPS crisis line is available.  Additionally, Anthem Live Health On Line provides access to clinicians, counselors and psychiatrists 24/7.


Payment for services will occur by:

  • having fees placed on an AIS account for future payment
  • paying cash, check or credit/debit on the date of service in the Pharmacy via the Billing department (if not exclusively pharmacy charges)
  • having the associated program pay for fees via recharge (recharge necessary at date of service)

Special Arrangement Payment Programs - see Billing Department for details

  • Animal Control Officer – Recharge
  • CALTEACH - (as of 11/1/16 UCSHIP students only - no recharge; non-UCSHIP students will go off campus)
  • EPC (Educational Partnership) – Recharge
  • Police Department  - Recharge
  • Leave of Absence (up to 2 qtrs after, only with UC SHIP) – on AIS account
  • OPERS - Recharge
  • Scientific SCUBA – Recharge – Staff or some Graduate Students
  • Summer Programs - see updated lists each year
  • TAPS - Recharge
  • VIP’s (per Director/s)
  • Worker’s Compensation - first aid only see policy

Fee-For-Service – to be paid on date of service at the Pharmacy via Billing Office for non-pharmacy products
* These patients need to be sent to Billing Office after every visit.

  • FOR ALL OTHER VISITORS - Check with a supervisor to see if an exception will be made