Effective Date: 
Mon, 01/11/2021
Mon, 01/25/2021

As part of the UCSC campus COVID-19 mitigation strategies,  daily screening has been implemented for all employees who will be working on-site at a UCSC owned or leased property.  As defined healthcare personnel (HCP), employees of UCSC Student Health Services (SHS) provide direct patient care and are essential to maintaining appropriate staffing ratios and services.  Routine COVID-19 screening and testing processes  are essential to providing a safe work environment for healthcare personnel (HCP) and safe patient care.

In alignment with University of California Consensus Standards for Operation and other federal, state and county guidance, and to help protect staff and students from avoidable COVID-19 disease exposure, UCSC SHS provides a mechanism for daily COVID-19 symptom screening for all HCP working that day.


An electronic monitoring system was implemented for employees to complete prior to arrival at the facility.  This system has employees report absence of fever and symptoms of COVID-19, absence of a diagnosis of COVID-19 infection in the prior 14 days, and confirmation that they have not been exposed to others with COVID-19 infection during the prior 14 days.  Employees are encouraged to actively take their temperature at home or have their temperature taken upon arrival at SHS.  

UCSC SHS utilizes a daily email symptom check questionnaire, which will provide either a certificate of clearance to work on-site, or a notice to not report to work on-site.   A message is automatically sent to the employees supervisor noting if the employee is “cleared” or “not cleared” to work that day.  Additionally, SHS employees are offered regular asymptomatic COVID testing at no cost to the employee.  

All supervisors will follow these steps:

1.  If an employee reports “yes” to any symptoms on the daily screening questions they will need to be cleared before returning to work.  The employee has 2 options:

 a.  They can consult with their PCP for a COVID-19 symptom and risk assessment,  and clearance to return to work.  


b.  They can consult with the UCSC SHS Medical Director, the COVID Nurse, or the Clinic Director regarding COVID symptom and risk assessment, and complete a COVID test on-site at SHS, at no cost to the employee.  A negative COVID Risk assessment and a negative COVID test reviewed by the Medical Director will suffice as clearance to return to work.

2.        If an employee reports that they have had a positive COVID-19 test or are a definitive close contact with a positive COVID-19 case:

·        The supervisor should first consult with the Medical Director or the COVID Nurse as soon as they are notified by the employee

·        All positive employee cases must be reported to the campus Assistant Director Workers' Compensation within 24 hours and the Director, Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Services must be notified ASAP.  If an employee chooses to consult their Primary Care Providers (PCP's) for clearance to return to work, SHS can override the clearance if the PCP doesn't follow current Cal OSHA or California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines

3.     For situations where an SHS staff member tests positive for COVID or is identified as a definitive close contact, documentation must be submitted in RL Datix.  Supervisors are responsible for this data entry.


See attached document for supervisor  directions for entering into RL Datix.