Effective Date: 
Sun, 07/01/2012
Mon, 02/03/2020
Mon, 02/26/2018

Principle: Skin puncture in this laboratory is used exclusively for whole blood glucose testing.


  • Latex Gloves
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol pads
  •  2 X 2 gauze pads
  • BD Microtainer Contact-Activated Lancet


  1. Greet the patient with a friendly, professional manner. Patient cooperation is essential for successful results. The tone of the patient encounter is set within the first 30 seconds of communication.
  2. Ask patient for her/his full name and verify that spelling of name is correct on laboratory request forms.
  3. It is essential to put patient at ease by answering questions, being sensitive to patient's fear level, being gentle with technique, and speaking with unhurried, authoritative, but quiet voice. Let the patient know that this procedure might be a little painful, but of short duration. Never say "this won't hurt a bit."
  4. Have the patient sit in the phlebotomy chair and raise or lower the chair arm accordingly. Have patient hold right or left elbow at side and rest hand on the chair arm, palm up. Ask patient if s/he has had any previous problems having blood drawn. If necessary, patient may lie down if prone to fainting or ill.
  5. If patient is not conscious, clinician must identify the patient. Document clinician's initials on laboratory request forms.
  6. Review PnC label for completeness: Full name, student ID, insurance type, clinician's name,  collection date, and arrival time.
  7. Wash and dry hands thoroughly and put on latex gloves.
  8. Select site off to the side of the palm-side surface of the 2nd or 3rd finger. Avoid using thumbs, index fingers, or fingertips, which are more sensitive to pain.
  9. Cleanse puncture site with alcohol pad, dry with cotton ball or gauze. Presence of alcohol will hemolyze blood sample.
  10. Twist off protective tab on sterile safety lancet and place in disposal. While gently holding patient's hand in place, position safety lancet properly on puncture site. Press down firmly to activate the safety lancet. Dispose of unit in appropriate sharps container.
  11. Using gauze, wipe away first droop of blood to eliminate contamination of sample with tissue fluid.
  12. Moderate pressure may be applied just below the puncture site to obtain second drop of blood; avoid "squeezing" of the finger. If necessary, gently massage from the hand to near the puncture site to obtain the required blood volume.
  13. Follow fingerstick glucose procedure for testing of blood droplet.
  14. Use gauze on puncture site after sampling and ask patient to press on it to stop blood flow. If necessary, a spot bandage may be places on puncture site.