Effective Date: 
Tue, 05/01/2012
Thu, 05/27/2021

All general laboratory equipment must be monitored to assure acceptable performances. The following program provides a listing of all general laboratory equipment in use. It establishes the performance characteristics to be monitored, the frequency of monitoring, and the preventive maintenance to be followed.


Refrigerators / Freezers

1. Record temperatures on a daily basis. If the temperature is outside of the acceptable range, note this on the daily temperature chart then:

a. Check for the source of the problem

• Door left open or ajar

• Power turned off or unplugged

• Electrical power failure

b. Adjust thermostat if necessary

c. Check temperature later (same day)

• lf temperature has returned to accepted range, record adjusted temperature on the daily temperature chart.

• If temperature is still outside of the accepted range, notify the supervisor. Call service if necessary and remove any reagents and controls which may be affected. Store in an alternate refrigerator/ freezer or coolers with thermometers as necessary until the proper temperature can be restored.

2. Semiannual cleaning

On a semiannual basis clean the interior surfaces of all refrigerators with a suitable disinfectant solution if needed.


1. RPM and timer check annually (If speed or time dependent specimens are obtained)

2. Clean monthly (or as needed) using disinfectant.

Thermometer check:

Verify accuracy of temperature readings annually by comparison to a NIST calibrated thermometer (or NIST traceable thermometer). If thermometers are calibrated through manufacture to an NIST traceable thermometer, documentation must be available and retained within preventative maintenance binder.