Effective Date: 
Sun, 07/01/2012
Tue, 06/05/2018

Complete Blood Count:

Parameter Male Female
Hematocrit (%) 41-53.0 36-46.0
Hemoglobin (gm/dL) 13.5-17.5 12.0-15.5
MCHC (g/dL) 31.0-36.0 31.0-36.0
White Blood Count ( X 10g/L)

<21 yrs 4.5-13.2

>21 yrs 3.4-10.0

Granulocytes ( X10g/L)

<21 yrs 1.8-8.0

>21 yrs 1.8-6.8

Lymph ( X 10g/L)

< 21 yrs 1.0-6.1

>21 yrs 1.0-3.4

Platelets ( X 10g/L) 140-450 140-450

Reference: Beckman Coulter AcT diff2 Manual 2003

Manual Differential:

White Cell Type Male/Female Normal Range
Segmented neutrophilis (%) 40-75
Band neutrophilis (%) 0-5
Lymphocytes (%) 20-45
Monocytes (%) 0-12
Eosinophilis (%) 0-5
Basophilis (%) 0-2

Reference: Beckman Coulter AcT diff2 Manual 2003

Sedimentation Rate:

Sedimentation Rate (mm/hr) Male: 0-21 Female: 0-28

Reference: Streck ESR-100 product insert 8/2013


Parameter Male/Female Normal Range
Specific Gravity 1.001-1.035
pH 5-9
White Blood Cells Negative
Nitrites Negative
Protein Negative
Glucose Negative or Normal
Ketones Negative
Urobilinogen Values to 1mg/dL are normal
Bilirubin Negative
Occult Blood Up to 5 Ery/microliter is normal

Reference: Chemstrip 10UA product insert, Roche Diagnostics Corporation, 2004

Pregnancy Testing:

Urine and Serum: M/F Negative

Reference: Consult Diganostics hCG Combo Pregnancy Test product insert 2014

Mononucleosis Testing:

Serum and plasma: M/F Negative

Reference: Clearview Mono Test product insert, Alere 09/2013

Occult Blood Testing:

Stool preparation: M/F Negative

Reference: Hemoccult product insert, Beckman Coulter, 2010

Fingerstick Glucose Testing:
Whole blood (fingerstick): M/F 70-100 mg/dL

Reference: LifeScan Test Strips product insert, LifeScan, Milpitas, CA 2003

Malarial Smear: sent to Quest Labs eff 9-05

Stained Blood Smear: M/F No malarial parasites seen

Reference: Brown, B.A., Hematology: Principles and Procedures, 6th edition, 1993, Lea Febiger, Philadelphia, pp. 145-148.

Rapid Strep Testing:

Patient Swab: M/F Negative

Reference: Consult Diagnostics Strep Test product insert , 2014

Influenza Testing:

Patient Swab: M/F Negative

Reference: Quikvue Influenze Test product insert, Quidel Corporation 2005