Effective Date: 
Fri, 08/01/2008
Mon, 05/07/2018
Thu, 01/11/2018

1. When a client does not show for an appointment, it is the responsibility of the CAPS clinician with whom the appointment was made to arrange for follow-up.

2. An exception to this exists when a student misses a first time Psychiatry appointment.  If the student was referred to Psychiatry by a CAPS clinician, the Psychiatrist will send an Instant Message via the Electronic Medical Record and copy the referring clinician on the Missed Appointment note in the Clinician Record.  It is the responsibility of the referring clinician to follow up with the student.  If the student is referred to Psychiatry from an off-campus clinician and a Release of Information is on file, the Psychiatrist will notify the referring clinician regarding the missed appointment.

3. Coordinating follow-up by the responsible clinician:

a.  The Clinician personally arranges the follow-up & documents the plan.

i. If the Clinician is unable to contact the student after 2-3 attempts, the clinician will need to document if further efforts at contact should be made or if the case should be terminated.

ii. The clinician will consider sending a registered/certified letter, instituting a welfare check - or breaking confidentiality and contacting a family member, if the safety of the student is at risk. Whenever the clinician considers instituting a welfare check or breaking confidentiality, they should first consult with senior staff or management

b. If the follow-up arrangements can wait until the next day, the Clinician can choose to have follow-up arranged by front desk staff:

i. The Clinician IMs “Missed Appointment Note” including specific instructions as to the type of follow-up appt needed, (i.e. First Follow-up, Psychiatry Follow-Up) and within what time frame, to the Front Desk Support staff member who will facilitate contact with the student.

ii. If the Appt. Scheduler is unable to contact the client after 2 attempts, the Scheduler IMs the Clinician informing him/her.

4. A CAPS client who does not show for an appointment will be charged $25.  The first time a student misses an appointment the charge is waived. If a client comes late to an appointment, they may be charged a missed appointment fee:

a. a no-show charge will be assessed when students are more than 20 minutes late to ininitial assessment or full-length therapy sessions.

b. for brief sessions (20-30 min) or 30 min psychiatric med checks, students will be charged if more than 15 min late.

5. Any exceptions to this policy must be made by managers.