Effective Date: 
Fri, 08/01/2008
Mon, 05/07/2018
Thu, 01/11/2018

1.  Committees

The standing committees, ad hoc committees, and staff meetings are organizationally important components of CAPS.  These committees and meetings are responsible for much of the planning and implementation of the programs and services delivered by CAPS.  Although the tasks of the committees vary, all of them support the mission of CAPS.   The standing committees are: Clinical Quality , Training, Multicultural, Staff Development, and Management.  The regularly scheduled meetings are General Staff meetings for the entire CAPS staff,  Senior Staff meetings for senior staff, Continuing Education Committee and Management Committee.  The tasks of the Committees and meetings are described below.

a.       Clinical Quality Committee:Meets at least once a month or more often as needed to review all policies and procedures of all the services provided by CAPS, as well as studying new programs, and addressing identified systemic issues through empirical studies.  The goal is to ensure compliance with APA Ethical Standards, the legal mandates of the state of California and Federal laws, and ensuring continuous quality improvement.  Chaired by the Director and includes the Senior Associate Director, and at least one senior staff and one intern. This falls under the protection of the California evidence Code 1157.
b.      Training Committee:   meets twice a month to discuss intern and postdoctoral fellow issues, training policies, intern and postdoc recruitment, and administrative concerns. Chaired by the Training Director with senior staff.
c.      Management Committee:Meets regularly to discuss CAPS policies and procedures, legal/ethical issues, and other issues related to the management of CAPS services and programs.  Chaired by the Director and includes the Senior Associate Director and Director of Psychiatry when available.

d. General Staff Meeting

The entire CAPS clinical staff, postdoctoral fellows, and interns, and rotating front office staff meets weekly to address administrative and programmatic issues.

e. Senior Staff Meeting

Meets as needed to discuss administrative and programmatic issues affecting the senior staff.

f. Multicultural Committee

Chaired by a senior staff member, the multicultural committee meets monthly to address cultural competence and develop training opportunities for staff.

g. Staff Development

Meets monthly to address staff satisfaction and morale issues.  The committee organizes team building and other staff development activities.

h. Continuing Education Committee

Meets as needed to discuss the educational goals of the Center, and propose and arrange for educational programming. This committee works in conjunction with the Multicultural Committee and CAPS Management.