Effective Date: 
Mon, 01/28/2013
Mon, 05/07/2018

According to Health and Safety Code 124260 (effective January 1, 2011), minors may consent for outpatient services as long as they are at least 12 years old and sufficiently mature to participate in services.  The minor’s therapist must involve the parents/legal guardians in the treatment unless the therapist determines, after consulting with the minor, that parental/legal guardian involvement would be inappropriate for any reason.  Note:  Unlicensed clinicians must always work with their primary supervisor to make this determination.
If parental/legal guardian involvement is deemed appropriate, do so only to the extent that it is appropriate.  If parental/legal guardian involvement is deemed inappropriate, state directly in the case note that you are not involving the parents/legal guardians and why.
Parental/legal guardian consent is required for minors to receive psychotropic medications or inpatient mental health treatment.
Note:  Parents/legal guardians do NOT have automatic access to the minor’s file/confidential information.  The client must give written authorization to disclose any records/confidential information, except that which is absolutely necessary to include the parents/legal guardians in treatment, if deemed appropriate to do so.