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Wed, 11/25/2015
Mon, 07/19/2021
Mon, 07/19/2021

Any registered student is eligible for services at the SHC and can consult with the Triage Nurse at no charge.

  • Intercollegiate Athletes (ICA)

ICA (aka NCAA or Varsity) have health insurance provided by the UCSC Department of Athletics and Recreation (ATH-REC) to cover health care costs of injuries due to their sport/s. This does not preclude students with CruzCare or UC SHIP from having an evaluation at the UCSC Student Health Center.   If a student athlete has UC SHIP or CruzCare, they can be seen for an initial evaluation at NO charge.  If the student athlete needs referrals for specialty care or imaging, they need to be informed that UC SHIP explicitly excludes coverage for injuries from intercollegiate athletics in their sport whether in a game, practice or training.

  • Club Sports

There are also UCSC club sports, both competitive and non-competive (cycling, ultimate frisbee, rugby, lacrosse, judo, hockey, dance etc.).  Club Sports students have access to athletic trainers at ATH-REC, but are not covered by supplemental health insurance provided by UCSC.

  • Any athletes may allow the athletic trainers to communicate with our clinicians or allow the clinician to communicate with the athletic trainers.  In that case, use HC 560 (attached) for the transfer of that information.  The student athlete is responsible for transporting the form back and forth.

Intercollegiate Athletes (ICA)

  • ICA with UC SHIP or CruzCare can be seen for an  initial evaluation by SHC providers, with X-­rays ordered if indicated for no additional charge.
  • ICA without UC SHIP or CruzCare who elect to see an SHC clinician will be charged for visits and X-­rays, beyond  the Triage Nurse visit.
  • Referrals can be made by UCSC SHS clinicians; however, UC SHIP excludes coverage for injuries sustained  during intercollegiate athletics for their sport including training and practice.  Therefore, ICA must use the UCSC provided insurance for care for those athletic injuries.
  • UC SHIP referrals do not guarantee authorization for coverage by the health insurance carrier
  • ICA with or without UC SHIP who need follow up for their sport-related injury, need to see providers under their respective insurance plans, and not with UC SHIP.
  • A referral from the SHC can be given, as can a record of any imaging performed at the SHC, if helpful.
  • Caveat: A referral from the SHC for a student to a specialist would not meet the requirements of their  insurance plan and does not imply that their private insurance will cover the cost of the visit or  procedure with the specialist.  Final determination of insurance coverage for specialty care is made  by the insurance carrier and cannot be guaranteed


  • ICA always have outside insurance that is provided by the UCSC Athletic and Recreation Department to assure primary coverage for intercollegiate athletic injuries with coverage of up to at  least $90,000.
  • ICA always have additional coverage through the UC system, provided by the University as a secondary insurance
  • Students may choose to have UC SHIP or CruzCare
  • ATH-REC may recommend waiving UC SHIP ­but typically recommends that student athletes add on CruzCare for non-sports medical needs
  • Typically, the trainers do NOT send students to the SHC, however, if they do, it is often for X-­rays when the student  athlete cannot get to an Urgent Care Clinic.  See the attachment when the student wants the clinician and the trainer to communicate - HC 560 - make a copy to be scanned into the EMR and give the original to the student athlete to bring to the trainer
  • For more information on UCSC Athletics, link to:

Current Intercollegiate Teams

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