Effective Date: 
Sun, 09/01/1996
Mon, 02/05/2018
Mon, 02/05/2018

Under the coordination of the Director of Psychiatry, CAPS Psychiatric staff, which include psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, provide both evaluative and on-going care to UCSC students who are eligible for services in CAPS. Consultative services are available to CAPS and SHC clinicians as well as University administrators and other staff and faculty. Consultation and collaboration also occurs with clinicians outside the University. Psychiatry services can be reached by calling the central CAPS office at (831) 459-2628. Information regarding psychiatric service will be available in patient brochures, information and consent documents and on the CAPS website.



  • A credentialed psychiatrist or nurse practitioner with a psychiatrist serving in a consultative or supervisory role, as needed, onsite or electronically, provide psychiatric and consultative services in CAPS and the SHC . The service is open during regular CAPS hours, Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM during the academic year. The service is closed on campus holidays, during campus closure, during evening and night hours as well as weekend days.


  • Psychiatric appointments are available on a priority or routine basis by referral from CAPS, SHC or off-campus clinicians. In view of the need to extend access to all students, the number of appointments available to any one student may be limited. The Director of Psychiatry is responsible for determining how limited appointment times are utilized. Patients requiring more appointment time than is available in CAPS Psychiatry or those students presenting with difficulties that can not be safely managed on campus may be referred to off-campus providers or mental health services that can provide the frequency and level of safety required. For services not available on campus an off-campus referral will also be made. In the event an urgent clinical situation should arise, a previously scheduled student appointment may be cancelled and rescheduled to accomodate the urgent matter.
  • Students requesting an appointment for ADHD evaluation or treatment will need to follow certain steps before a psychiatric appointment is scheduled. See CAPS Website for details
  • Students requesting transfer of their psychiatric care to a CAPS psychiatry staff will need to follow certain steps before a psychiatric appointment is scheduled. See CAPS Website for details


  • Psychiatric staff  are available to consult with staff and others who have contact with and responsibility for students. Consultations are provided with the understanding that patient confidentiality is respected.


  • During CAPS agency hours: One psychiatric staff member will be designated as the “doctor of the day” each weekday CAPS is open for service. In the event the designated “doctor of the day” is not available for service, the Director of Psychiatry or designee will serve in this capacity. Responsibilities will include consulting on emergency referrals; evaluating and developing an initial treatment plan on emergency referrals if clinically appropriate; addressing urgent telephone messages and refill requests ; and consulting with CAPS, SHC, University and other personnel for urgent matters requiring immediate attention. The “doctor of the day” will also review and address urgent items on each clinician’s provider task summary in the electronic medical record for whom they are providing covering service . The “doctor of the day” will be available onsite in CAPS or can be reached by electronic means for consultation.
  •  After Hours: There is no psychiatric staff member available to provide emergency or routine psychiatric service to students or to refill medication requests during the evenings, nights, weekends, campus closures, or campus holidays when CAPS is closed. Students requiring service prior to the next available day CAPS is open, will be directed to contact the CAPS after hours ProtoCall Service for additional information on referral options. The ProtoCall service is available Monday-Friday between 5PM and 8AM, and 24 hours on weekends and holidays by calling (831) 459-2628.