Effective Date: 
Sat, 05/05/2012
Thu, 05/27/2021


To provide a comprehensive plan for laboratory employees’ orientation upon hire, for six month and annual evaluations, and for determination of competency within their respective departments. All employees should be knowledgeable of their job description and duties in each position throughout the laboratory.



Upon hire, each employee within the laboratory will be required to review all policy and procedure manuals, videos or disk presentations for the areas in which they will be working. Additionally, any training on individual analyzers and equipment must be documented. Upon hire, employees will be required to read all OSHA and Safety manuals regarding Bloodborne Pathogens, Occupational Hazards and Exposure Control, Biomedical Waste and Universal Precautions.  Employees will be given a tour of the facility, and will be shown the location of fire extinguishers, pull stations, spill kits, and oxygen equipment.


Each employee will be given an evaluation for competency at six months from hire and annually thereafter. The Laboratory Director, Laboratory Supervisor or Technical Consultant will give a competency exam annually to Laboratory Staff, through a visual rotation and review of the employee’s understanding and performance in each area of responsibility. This visual review will include the pre-analytical (order, collection and handling of specimen, requisition, processing), analytical (actual performance of the test, including maintenance, quality control and analytical testing) and post-analytical (review of results, documentation and release of results to patient record) phases of testing. Additional competency may be assessed by review of proficiency testing records: by showing acceptable performance, documentation, review, and corrective action. The Laboratory Director, Supervisor or Technical Consultant may assess further evaluation and competency through the facility administrator or other persons on site in authority.

If a phlebotomist is employed within the facility for the purposes of drawing blood and processing requisitions only, the Laboratory Supervisor or Director will assess the competency of the Phlebotomist at six months from hire, and annually thereafter. This will be achieved by visual review of the employee throughout the ordering, requisition, drawing and processing phases of the employee’s responsibility.

Following is a new employee checklist for documentation of orientation and personnel training checklist for documentation of training on individual analyzer, meter or kit testing.