Effective Date: 
Wed, 02/01/2012
Fri, 06/04/2021
Fri, 06/04/2021

 The general principles guiding how to respond to late arrivals in the Primary Care clinics are honoring our commitment to the next appointed patient who expects to be seen on time and meeting the expectation of a reasonable workload for our clinicians. Rarely, students will provide unusually compelling reasons for their late arrival and have medical needs that supersede these other commitments.


1. All students are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. This allows time for the support staff to get the patient roomed and ready by the scheduled appointment time.

2. All students arriving late, but within the first 9 minutes of their scheduled appointment time, will be informed by the MA that their late arrival means their visit may be abbreviated, so as not to inconvenience those students who have arrived on time.

3. Students arriving more than 9 minutes after their scheduled appointment time will be rescheduled.

  • As a time stamp of the student's late arrival, Reception staff immediately cancels the appointment in the EMR
  • After canceling the appointment, staff works with the student to find a new appointment time, this still could be potentially the same day or with a different provider based on what the student is being seen for

4. Students are advised of this policy when scheduling their appointment and reminded in the electronic appointment reminder.

5. Sending late students to the Same Day Clinic may be appropriate in rare situations but should not be done routinely or without direct communication between the 2nd Floor and SDC clinicians, informing them of the special circumstances. This should not be delegated to the MA.

6. Patients arriving after the end of their appointment are considered to be NO SHOWS and managed according to that policy. There is no routine expectation that these students will have face time with a clinician. Clinicians may, at their discretion, inform their MA of any special high-risk patients that they wish to see regardless of the arrival time (i.e. eating disorders, depression) so that the MA knows to involve the clinician for these high-risk students arriving after the end of their 20-minute appointment. The MA will place an "Appointment Comment" indicating late arrival is approved so that Reception staff is aware of the exception.

7.  Patients expressing dissatisfaction with this policy are referred to a supervisor and encouraged to complete a "Quick Comment" patient satisfaction form.