Effective Date: 
Mon, 03/23/2020
Thu, 12/03/2020

The UCSC Student Health Center Pharmacy will provide prescriptions by mail to UCSC students under our care if all the required parameters are met.


UCSC Students may request prescriptions and refills from the UCSC Student Health Center Pharmacy.  Requests may come through Health e-Messenger, or by telephone to the UCSC Pharmacy.  When a student elects to have medications mailed to them they are agreeing for a package to the address provided.

Students will make a request of the pharmacy for the specific prescriptions to be sent, along with the address.

Pharmacy staff will fill the prescriptions, create a label with the student’s requested address and prepare a mailer for shipping.  All students will be offered a telephone consultation for any medication, and for any new or changed  prescription, the pharmacist will arrange a telephone appointment for a medication consultation prior to shipping. Any receipts and drug information, or any other instructions, and a statement regarding these services, will be included in the delivery. 

Shipping will be documented in the EMR as a secure message to the student stating what was sent.  Consultations for new medications will be documented in the Pharmacy software per the CA State Board of Pharmacy 1707.2 Duty to Consult.  Shipping will be documented in the mailing log - and will be double checked and initialed by another Pharmacy staff member.  There will be no extra charge for regular mail.

These deliveries will be sent out daily through the UCSC Mailroom, who will pick up these packages at Pharmacy every weekday that the Student Health Center is open.

Any copays will be applied to the student’s AIS account, as will any fees for  OTC products.  A separation of duties occurs with signing out the medication from the Pharmacy software, held in one location, and matching the mailing label to the receipt and product at the mailing station.

Note: Prescriptions can only be sent within California and will be sent by regular US Postal Service (not tracked nor signature needed).  No refrigerated medications will be shipped.  Shipping will be to addresses, and not PO boxes.


Information will be shared on the UCSC SHS and Pharmacy Websites – to include information on lower copay fees through the UCSC Pharmacy, as well as how to transfer prescriptions to other pharmacies.



All prescription sales are final.

Questions can be directed to the UCSC Pharmacy telephone at 831-459-2360, or online through Health e-Messenger.

Contact your prescriber for medical advice about side effects.

If you wish to cancel your prescription, please contact us immediately.  We can cancel most orders up until it has been processed prior to shipping.

Thank you for using our pharmacy,

The staff at UCSC Student Health Services Pharmacy

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