Effective Date: 
Thu, 03/31/2016
Tue, 03/06/2018

The linearity of the Coulter Act2diff for WBCs is 0-99,000. For WBC counts greater than 99,000 a manual dilution will need to be performed to bring the WBC count within the range of linearity.


1) Obtain an empty lavendar top tube.

2) At the Main screen of the Act2diff select the Predilute mode. (It is the empty tube icon)

3) At the Main screen select the Sample Results Screen (bottom right corner).

4) At the Sample Results Screen select the Dispense Diluent icon (top right corner).

5) Present the empty tube (with cover removed) to the probe and press the aspirate switch. This will dispense 1580ul of diluent into the tube.

6) Exit from this screen back to the Sample Results Screen and then back to the Main Screen. Exit out of the Predilute mode and into the Open Sampling mode.

7) Using a volumetric pipette, add 0.5ml of the patient's blood into the tube with the diluent.

8) Cap the tube and let rock for 5 minutes to equilibrate blood with diluent.

9) Remove cover from the sample and analyze in Open Sampling mode. Multiply the result by 4.15x to obtain the final result for WBCs.

Key Points: 

Quality Control

Run the normal control in Open mode to insure the instrument is operating properly in open mode.