Effective Date: 
Sun, 07/01/2012
Sun, 07/01/2012
Wed, 07/01/2015

When a patient is a “No Show” for any appointment (Routine, Next Day, Same Day, etc) the MA:

  1. Right clicks the appointment and changes the status to “No Show” (pink/purple).
  2. Opens a “Primary Care- Missed Appointment Chart Note” for the patient and notes reason for visit.
  3. Sends the note to the Clinician (using the “send” link in the upper right corner). The missed appointment will show up in the clinician’s unsigned notes.
  4. The clinician will complete the note by: documenting whether follow up is necessary, what the follow up plan is, checking the “Missed Appointment” E/M box and signing the note.
  5. Arranging Follow-up (options):

    a. For urgent follow-up, the Clinician personally arranges the follow-up & documents the plan

    b. If the follow-up arrangements can wait until the next day: The Clinician "CCs" or "Sends" the “Missed Appointment Note” including specific instructions as to the type of follow-up appt needed, (i.e. “Priority F/U” vs. “Routine Primary Care”) and within what time frame, to the generic "Reception Provider".  Reception staff regulary check this in-box at a minimum 3 times per day.   The staff member making the appointment will generate an “Phone Encounter” to document contact with the patient to arrange follow up. If the Appt. Scheduler is unable to contact the client after 2 attempts (1 call and 1 Secure message), the Scheduler documents attempts in the Phone Encounter, signs off the note, and IMs the Clinician informing them. The clinician will need to document if further efforts at contact should be made or terminated. Clinicians will consider sending registered letter for high risk situations.

    c. If the follow-up arrangements need to be initiated the same day, the Clinician cc’s “Missed Appointment Note” to the generic "Charge Nurse" provider. In order for this to happen in a timely manner, the Clinician must send the note before 4:30 pm. The Charge Nurse is responsible for checking the "Charge Nurse" in-box at a minimum every 2 hours.

  6. If the staff member wants the “missed appointment charge” waived, an IM is sent to billing requesting to waive the charge. All waived “missed appointment charges” after the first courtesy waiver will be reviewed by the Medical Director or designee.
  7. At the end of the day the Charge Nurse checks the days schedule to be sure all “No Show” & “left without being seen” appointments have been addressed.


  • All Eating Disorder & Colpo appointment cancellations are IM’d to the Patient Care Coordinator by the staff member cancelling the appointment
  • Any cancelled “Same Day” or “Follow-up” do not require Clinician notification per SHC Medical Director.