Effective Date: 
Wed, 04/14/2021
Wed, 04/14/2021
Wed, 04/14/2021

Students who are non-compliant with treatment recommendations potentially jeopardize their physical and mental health. Examples include:

A student with a serious mental illness (e.g.-schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) not taking prescribed psychotropic medication
A student deemed to be a high active suicidal risk not attending scheduled appointments
Students whose condition warrants a higher level of care (e.g.-Intensive Outpatient Program, residential program) but refuse to follow-thru on recommendations. These situations might involve one of the following:

Eating Disorder
Dual Mental Health and Substance Abuse Diagnosis
Severe Personality Disorder
Ongoing psychotic symptoms

In primary care, consideration of non-compliance should be diagnosis specific. For instance, a student who has been terminated from treatment of their diabetes due to non-compliance, would still be eligible for services around other conditions.


If a clinician believes that a student they are working with is non-compliant, and that non-compliance potentially jeopardizes their physical and/or mental health, the situation should be documented in the EHR and brought to supervisor’s attention.  With supervisor agreement, the clinician (if possible) should meet with the student and warn them that continued non-compliance will result in termination of the current treatment relationship.  A time frame should be established for the student to get into compliance (2-4 weeks) and the interaction documented in the EHR.

If the student remains non-compliant, a follow-up meeting should be held, including clinician’s supervisor, explaining that the current treatment relationship is being terminated. This should be documented in the EHR. A letter should be sent to the student (See Dismissal of a Patient at UCSC SHC Policy).

Student should be informed that CAPS crisis services will remain open to them if they meet crisis criteria. Primary care same day services will also be available if a student is terminated from on-going treatment in Primary Care.

If a student subsequently demonstrates compliance with treatment recommendations, Student Health services can be resumed.