Effective Date: 
Thu, 03/01/2012
Thu, 03/01/2012
Wed, 05/06/2015

Registered Nurses (RN) expedite the care of patients by ordering laboratory and/or x-ray
results in advance of a clinician visit in specific situations. This standardized procedure
delineates the situations in which the RN may place orders and then acknowledge normal
results of labs and x-rays for patients at the Student Health Center. Specifically, this
procedure delegates the authority to order labs and /or x-rays as well as acknowledges
normal results, for the purpose of pregnancy testing, testing required for Education
Abroad Program (EAP) clearances and testing necessary to document immunity to
communicable diseases. Nurses utilize standard nursing process to determine need
for the lab & X-ray orders, acknowledgment and follow-up under this standardized


Urine Pregnancy Testing :

Utilizing the Nursing Process, the RN determines testing need based on such information
as patient history and symptoms.
RN documents the complaint.
RN orders the testing under Medical Director’s name.
RN acknowledges the result and communicates this result to the patient and/or the
clinician who is seeing the patient.
RN arranges clinician follow-up as indicated

EAP Clearance:

RN reviews the requirements for the student’s specific EAP program.
RN orders required labs as indicated, under Medical Director’s name.
RN acknowledges normal results and forwards abnormal results to the Medical Director
or designee.
RN communicates these results directly to the patient or to the clinician who will be
seeing the patient.
RN arranges clinician follow-up as indicated.

Employee Health Clearance:

RN reviews submitted immunization and health history records for new employee or
student entering a health field program requiring clearance. (See attached form for UCSC MCD Biolgoy Internship specific process)
As indicated, RN orders titers for communicable diseases, including hepatitis B, measles,
mumps, rubella, and varicella as indicated.
RN acknowledges normal results and consults with the Medical Director or designee for
abnormal results.
RN communicates these results directly to the patient.

Initial Competency

-Observes experienced RN implementing this procedure
-Demonstrates successful use of the procedure at least 3 times under direct RN
-Submits a minimum of 5 chart notes demonstrating use of the procedure to the Clinic Director for review.

On-Going Competency:

Chart reviews of this procedure occur as a part of the on-going RN peer audits and
Quality Management program of the UCSC Student Health Center

Scope of Supervision

Providers are available at all times to clarify questions around ordering labs and x-ray
under this standardized procedure.


The procedure is for use only within the UCSC Student Health Center.


RN documents according to the standards delineated in the UCSC Policy on
Documentation of Care.