Effective Date: 
Tue, 11/22/2016
Wed, 03/21/2018
Wed, 03/21/2018

Ortho slips billing documentation for orthopedic or other medical supplies that are chargeable and dispensed to student patients.  They are checked to ensure billing is complete.

  • Acquire ortho slips and sort by date and patient
  • Open visit note for that patient and date
  • Review visit note for appropriate documentation and billing.  Search under supplies (already billed) and in the body of the note, under Nursing, in Activity and in any Addendum
  • If documented and billed, securely shred ortho slip
  • If documented and NOT billed: Add addendum stating "Dispensed certain product (with code number on line 2)
  • IM biller (if not addressed by biller) to alert to add product to patient ticket
  • Securely shred completed ortho slips 
  • If NOT documented, review visit and if probable, add addendum to complete the documentation with product and code number, then IM biller to alert to add product to patient ticket
  • If not probable, then IM the clinician to ask if dispensed to patient; follow up as necessary
  • Securely shred completed ortho slips