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Sun, 09/01/1996
Thu, 09/02/2021
Thu, 09/02/2021

The Student Health Center respects that every patient has rights and responsibilities in regards to their health care. In order to provide you the very best care, we expect you to be an active and informed consumer.


  • Be treated with dignity and respect regardless of your race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. 
  • Know the names and positions of the staff members serving you.
  • Select or change your clinician whenever possible.
  • Privacy during your clinic visit and confidentiality of your health information.
  • Information about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  • Participate in your health care planning, consent to or refuse care or treatment, and to change your mind.
  • Review your medical records.
  • Have access to information about advance health care directives. *
  • Have a staff chaperone present for sensitive examinations of the breast, genital or rectal areas, unless declined.**


  • Be honest about your medical history and all information you give us.
  • Ask questions and be sure you understand everything connected with your health.
  • Follow health care advice and medical instructions.
  • Respect clinic policies.
  • Keep your appointments or cancel at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Note: No photography or videography is permitted by patients or visitors in clinical exam rooms or patient waiting areas.


 All Student Health Center staff members are responsible for respecting patient rights and supporting patients in meeting their responsibilities.


Student Health Center Form HC 810 Patient Rights and Responsibilities is posted in all SHS lobbies, as well as on the  Student Health Center website.

  1. Patient care is provided in designated areas designed for visual and auditory privacy. No photography or videography is permitted by patients or visitors in clinical exam rooms or patient waiting areas. The Student Health Center Privacy Notice for management of protected health information (PHI) is specifically available to all patients upon check in and on the website, and is covered in detail in the Privacy Practices policy.
  2. Patients are provided appropriate privacy regarding all their concerns, including at check-in, and throughout their care at the UCSC Student Health Center in the evaluation and treatment areas.
  3. Patients who need interpretation services will have those provided whenever needed.
  4. All on duty Student Health Center staff members wear photo nametags including name and title. A list of career staff, including name and title, is posted on the Student Health Center website. In accordance with state regulations a listing of all doctors and midlevel providers is posted in the main waiting area.
  5. Information about Student Health Center operations including hours of service, provision for after-hours care and fees and payment policies are posted in the Student Health Center, on the website and distributed in patient communications and handouts as applicable.
  6. Marketing and advertising practices are designed for accuracy and honesty. See Marketing, Advertising and Patient Education policy for details.
  7. Information about how to communicate regarding: compliments, suggestions or concerns about Student Health Center services is included in the posted Rights and Responsibilities. Quick Comment forms are available in the lobbies; patient satisfaction surveys are conducted regularly and results shared with staff; opportunity for patient feedback is available on the Student Health Center website. See Quick Comment and Patient Satisfaction Survey policies for more information.


Advance Health Care Directive

*An Advance Health Care Directive is a form that you fill out to describe the kinds of medical care you want to have if something happens to you and you can't speak for yourself. It tells your family and your doctor what to do if you're badly hurt or have a serious illness that keeps you from saying what you want. An advance health care directive can also be a talk you have with your family and your doctor about the kinds of care you want to have.

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Sensitive  Exams

**Sensitive Exams: We understand that certain medical exams and procedures are more sensitive than others and we want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. You, or your provider, may choose to have a medical chaperone present during a physical examination, or at any time  during your medical visit. A medical chaperone is a specially trained member of the clinical team whose job it is to enhance the patient’s comfort, safety, privacy, security, and dignity during your visit. The chaperone will stand in a location where they are able to observe the exam, and assist as needed. It is our policy to have a chaperone present during all sensitive examinations involving the breast, genital or rectal areas or when you must be fully disrobed, unless you decline.