Effective Date: 
Tue, 05/01/2012
Fri, 01/05/2018

Point and Click (MIS) and Orchard Harvest (LIS):

To outline the policy for requisitioning, collecting, test referral, reporting of result transmission and data retention of laboratory tests for the Laboratory Information System.



Orders for laboratory testing are generally entered into Point and Click MIS by providers and then accessioned by lab staff as specimens are recieved or collected.

Outside orders on paper requisitions can be ordered int Point and Click by lab staff. The paper requsition is then scanned and entered into the medical record as well as retained by the lab for 3 years.

Verbal orders are only accepted in an emergency situation. (Ensure that verbal orders are followed by a written order from the physician within 30 days)

Accessioned orders are transmitted to harvest LIS system where they will have accession numbers assigned.


l. During laboratory operating hours, laboratory staff will be responsible for collection of all routine and STAT blood specimens.

2. For a more detailed description on the collection of blood specimens, refer to the "Blood Collection" policy and procedure found in this manual.

Test Referral:

1. A complete listing of tests performed on site can be found posted in the online P&P manual and in the laboratory, including patient normal ranges. All other tests are referred to reference laboratories, depending on pricing and turnaround times.

2. For referral procedures and specimen requirements, see the appropriate reference laboratory manual.

Reporting of Results:

1. All tests performed in-house are either recorded in the Orchard Harvest LIS System .

2. Verify any result that has transferred into the Orchard Harvest through the interface with the appropriate analyzer, or enter it manually through the "Result Entry" screen.

3. Review all reports generated for completeness and accuracy. Verify all critical values prior to notifying the physician or other designated personnel. Note any clerical errors, correct them, and notify appropriate staff of these errors. Match up reference lab test results daily with test request forms; any missing reports will be investigated with the reference laboratory.

4. Charges for lab tests are generated through the Laboratory via Point and Click by the billing department. Any discrepancy will be brought to the attention of the Laboratory Staff for resolution.

5. Patient reports are also checked for accuracy through the Quality Assessment program. A scheduled or random check is made of patient charts to verify the accuracy of reporting.

Retention of Results:

1. Retain all original copies of all test results including instrument printouts, Quality Control documentation, and maintenance reports in the Laboratory for two years.

Histology and Cytology reports and logs are to be retained for ten years.