Effective Date: 
Mon, 06/21/2021
Mon, 06/21/2021

Many students come into the Student Health Center with a comorbidity of mental health and medical issues.  The PHQ9 will be administered to students to support them with their mental health and helping them access resources. The PHQ9 (Patient Health Questionnaire) is a self-reported depression assessment tool.  It will be administered to students on the second floor of primary care with medical appointments.  Students with UC Same Day visit types (1st and 2nd floor) will not be asked to complete the PHQ9.


In Person Appointments

Students will self-check on an iPad at second floor reception.  At self-check in, depending on their visit type, the student will be instructed to complete the PHQ9. 

After the student checks in, the MA will review the student’s PHQ9 score and document appropriately in EMR.  The clinician will also review the PHQ9 score and document appropriately in EMR. 

Interventions Based on Score:

  • 0-9: No intervention indicated
  • 10-14: A secure message will automatically be sent to the student with mental health resources at 5am the next morning
  • ≥ 15 and/or a score > 0 on SI (#9): The MA will notify the case manager on call to inform them of the student’s score. The case manager will attempt to meet with the student, after their medical appointment, to assess depression and risk.  The case manager will support the student getting connected to appropriate resources. 

Case managers will document their interactions with students in a CM Direct Case Management note.  At the end of the day, the case manger on call will run a report to make sure that all student with a score of ≥ 15 and/or a score > 0 on question 9 were contacted. 

If a student arrives late they will take the PHQ9 via Health e-Messenger, or will not take the PHQ9 due to time limitations. 

Students can decline to take the PHQ9 or to meet with a case manager.  The MA and clinician should document appropriately in EMR.