Effective Date: 
Sun, 09/01/1996
Tue, 06/12/2018
Tue, 06/12/2018

Reception staff (Patient Support Assistants and Medical Assistants) are the front line contact with telephone calls, appointment making, students with questions, visitors and patients needing directions. In addition their duties include: Same Day Clinic & scheduled appointment check in, appointment review, general administrative support, managing the patient message binder, tracking returned crutches and as needed and if trained, cash register operation as needed.

All students seeking Same Day Clinic services sign in and wait to be checked in by the receptionist in the order that they arrive, unless the receptionist feels that a nurse needs to be called for an urgent situation.


All demographic and insurance information is checked and updated during appointment making and again at check in.

Reception staff are responsible for a variety of daily/weekly/monthly administrative support tasks including:

  • Review and maintenance of crutch rentals; forwarding charge slips to the Billing Department  when crutches have not been returned
  • If trained and as needed, assisting Pharmacy staff in the operation and reconciliation of the Student Health Center cash register where payments are taken for Student Health Center charges.   Because the cash register function is located in the Pharmacy, the Ancillary Services Coordinator provides general supervision and back up support.   (see "Cash Register Operations and Cash Handling" policy

Specific details on Reception staff tasks can be found in the Patient Support Binders located at each Reception desk. These resources contain current Reception training materials and are routinely updated.


Updating patient contact information
Verify and update if necessary, the patient’s local address and phone number in the "Edit Registration" screen any time an appointment is made, either via phone or in person and at check-in.

Any charges for services rendered are applied directly to the student account.  The receipt for/statement of services is sent electronically by Secure Message via the Health e-Messenger.  
In certain instances a patient may want a hard copy of their receipt/statement, such as seeking reimbursement from their private insurance company.  Students are directed to the Student Health Center Billing Department for instructions to print the secure message statement or to obtain the hard copy.


Receptions Staff maintains  the daily sign-in sheets for appointments and Same Day Clinic.  Once a month these sheets are forwarded to Health Information Management (HIM) to store per Records Storage and Retention guidelines.        


Parking passes are only available for speakers and vendors with advance permission and are managed by the Operations staff.

For students who parked in the SHC parking lot and had to stay in the clinic due to illness or injury beyond their time on the parking meter, the Charge Nurse can call Dispatch at 459-2231 to request "Do Not Cite".  Dispatch will need the make/model/color and license number of the vehicle.  Students are responsible for tending the meter if on usual SHS business and traveling through departments such as Laboratory, X-ray, Pharmacy, Insurance etc.


1. Must bring parking ticket to the reception desk within 5 (five) working days of the citation. Receptionist gives them form HC:605 and takes a copy of the ticket, returning original to student.
2. Completes the top portion of the parking ticket dismissal request (HC:605)

Reception Desk:
1. Contacts Assistant to the Director to come speak with the student. If Assistant to the Directors is unavailable,  the  receptionist will make sure that the form is completed by the student and will attach a copy of the ticket.  The receptionist will then fill in date received and their name in the Office Use Only section.
2. Informs patient that it is only a request for a dismissal and they will be notified of Parking Enforcement's decision by mail.
3. Routes the completed HC:605 form to the Assistant to the Directors.

Assistant to the Directors:
1. Reviews the request. If the reason is within the guidlelines, sends a letter to Parking Enforcement stating reason for dismissal request including information about extenuating circumstances, date of service, license plate number and citation number. (No identifying info such as name or SID is to be included.)
2. Holds HC:605 packet awaiting response from Parking Enforcement and follows up if no response within 1 week.

Parking Enforcement:
1. Sends official dismissal or denial to the Assistant to the Directors via campus mail.

Assistant to the Directors:
1. Sends a letter informing patient of Parking Enforcement’s decision, attaching original document from Parking Enforcement. If denied, reminds patient to pay ticket by the deadline.
2. Attaches copy of Parking Enforcement decision and  letter to student to the original  HC:605 packet.