Effective Date: 
Sun, 07/01/2012
Wed, 05/26/2021
Wed, 09/02/2020

In order to insure that all reference lab test results are received in the lab in a timely manner, and to avoid unnecessary redraws of patients,  the Harvest Reference Lab Match Queue, Review Results and the PnC "sent status" list will be used to track all send out tests.

On a daily basis, the Supervisor will access the Reference Lab Match Queue in Harvest and investigate each test that shows up there.  She/he will determine what error has caused the result to be unable to cross in to the PNC system, correct it and reprocess the results.  She/he will then access Results Review in Harvest, go to "orders with results", status "Quest" and approve appropriate results that end up there. After these steps, she/he will check PnC to make sure that the results have made it successfully.  Sometimes the results will not match up with the ordered test, but will be "final" on their own line. In this case, she/he will cancel the orginally ordered "sent" test so that it will not continue to look like the tests results are still pending.

On a weekly basis the Supervisor will create a "sent status" list in PnC. In the facility view select only the "SENT" box and set the date from 7 days prior to the current date to 30 days prior to that date. Click the search button to create the list and investigate any tests that show a collection date that is longer than the established turn around time.

For each test investigated, the Supervisor will log in to Quest 360 to see if results are posted there. If test results are found in Quest 360, she/he will call Quest and ask them to resend the results electronially to the lab. If these results end up in the Reference Lab Match Queue or the Review Results area, she/he will process as above and then check PnC to see if the results have gone directly across.

If results are not available in Quest 360, the Supervisor will call Quest client services 1-866-697-8378 to ask the status of the test results and when results can be expected. If preliminary results are available, Quest will be asked to fax the results to us. The preliminary results can be hand delivered to the clinician or reported by Instant Message but should not be sent to medical records for scanning until the report is final. If the faxed preliminary results are hand delivered to the clinician, the report should be stamped with "COPY" so that it does not accidentally go back to Medical Records and get scanned in prematurely.

If Quest indicates that no results are available and the specimen is lost, or the test was missed and not recoverable, notify the ordering clinician ASAP. Ask the clinician if they would like the lab to contact the patient to return for redraw. The Supervisor will note the problem in the problem log and fill out an incident report, using the RL Datix incident reporting system.