Effective Date: 
Mon, 01/26/2015
Mon, 07/26/2021
Mon, 07/26/2021

In order to facilitate timely and effective communication between CAPS and primary care providers, every effort is made to clearly communicate the urgency and relevant medical and mental health concerns.  There are two types of CAPs referrals to Primary Care:  Same Day Urgent and Non-Same Day.




For Same Day Urgent referrals:

The CAPS provider will contact the Charge Nurse to request a same day appointment and provide the appointment information to the student.

The Charge Nurse will attempt to schedule a 40 minute appointment with a primary care clinician if the schedule permits. Alternatively a 20 minute slot will be used if there are no other options.

The Charge Nurse will enter the reason code as "CAPS URGENT SAME DAY REFERRAL."

The primary care provider will consult with the charge nurse prior to evaluating the patient for critical safety and follow up information. In the event there are any additional questions or the CAPS professional  (or back-up) has additional information to share, the CAPS provider and primary care provider will communicate directly. The CAPS professional should make every attempt to complete at least a draft of the clinical note detailing the relevant clinical information for the same day referral.

The primary care provider should make every attempt to CC or instant message the CAPS provider their signed note upon completion.


For Non-Same Day Referrals:

The CAPS provider completes the Non-Same Day Referral chart note, indicating the relevant note for the primary care provider to review.  This note is visible to all primary care staff. CAPS staff should indicate if student needs to be seen within one week or can be seen within two to four weeks, as well as the general category of the referral.

The CAPS provider instructs the student to contact Primary Care Reception to schedule the appointment.

If a student contacts Primary Care Reception stating they were referred by CAPs, reception staff will review Visits/Notes in the EMR to review the Non-Same Day Referral from CAPS to SHS for instructions on visit type and priority.

It is the student's responsibility to contact Primary Care Reception to schedule the appointment.