Effective Date: 
Mon, 04/01/2002
Thu, 02/01/2018
Thu, 02/01/2018

Refrigerator temperatures will be taken and documented on all Student Health Center refrigerators wherever medical products, including vaccines and pharmaceuticals are stored.

  • Refrigerator temperature logs are affixed to each refrigerator wherever medical products are stored.  These departments include:  Pharmacy and Medical Clinic - Floor 1 and Floor 2 (See Lab Manual for Laboratory refrigeration requirements)
  • Pharmacy also stores medication in the freezer and has a freezer log
  • Staff are trained to read the thermometers, document the temperatures, use of the problem log, and to seek assistance from their supervisors whenever there has been a temperature excursion
  • Temperatures are documented by staff twice daily when open

  • Refrigerators need to be maintained at temperatures between 34 & 46 degrees F (or 2 to 8 degrees C); freezers need to be maintained at temperatures below freezing, at 5 degrees F (or –15 degrees C) or below or according to manufacturer requirement. 
  • High and low alarms are set and remain on
  • At each recording, the minimum and maximum temperature history is reviewed, temperature/s and range/s are noted, and then the thermometer is reset
  • Temperatures are monitored by NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) certified and calibrated thermometers.  Calibration compliance dates are monitored. 
  • Whenever the temperatures are out of range (either minimum/maximum history or current) or nearing out of range, the staff member will make a temperature adjustment and document that information on the problem log or in the notes area of the temperature log, and notify the supervisor in case any action is necessary
  • Refrigerator  or freezer maintenance, operational problems and repairs, will be noted in the labeled bound "Refrigerator/Freezer Maintenance Logbook", stored in the Pharmacy
  • Any malfunctions need to be addressed to the supervisor immediately
  • All medical refrigerators and freezers are on the emergency generator system
  • Logs will be distributed and collected at least monthly, stored in the "Temperature Monitoring Logbook" assigned to each labeled refrigerator or freezer, (the medical refrigerators logs are stored in Medical Records) and retained according to policy.  Prior year logs are kept in Medical Records.