Effective Date: 
Tue, 08/26/2014
Sat, 07/31/2021
Mon, 08/09/2021

UCSC has specific processes for different types of reimbursement.  These can include travel, purchases made on behalf of the department etc.

The UCSC Student Health Services reimburses employees for pre-approved purchases and for pre-approved continuing education leave and programs, and for other required meetings on behalf of the unit, when the UCSC reimbursement policy is followed.

Supervisors review and approval is required prior to initiation and submission of official forms.  Once complete, these forms must be also be reviewed and approved by the employee's supervisor.

Reimbursement will not occur if the policies are not followed.  The UCSC policy is subject to change and must be referred to prior to submission. (See Key Points and attachments below.)



  • Prior approval from a supervisor for a purchase is required
  • An employee "Payee Set Up" form is required prior to reimbursement (204 Form), to be done once in the staff member's career unless there has been a change in address or, in the case of direct deposit, a change in banking institutions.
  • A direct pay form must be completely filled out, with all original, itemized receipts attached and submitted to the supervisor for review prior to submission to the SHS Business Operations Team (credit card statements are not acceptable)
  • Certain items may not be purchased under Direct Pay.  Please refer to the Reimbursement and Payment guidelines on the Financial webpage.
  • Forms must be submitted within 30 days


  • NOTE: All travel requests must be pre-approved by the Executive Director or other Directors
  • Supervisor review and approval is required prior to travel and initiation and submission of all forms
  • Completed forms must be reviewed and approved by the supervisor
  • All UCSC policies must be followed for reimbursement to occur  Note: UCSC policy is subject to change and must be referred to prior to submission (see Key Points and attachments below)
  • Note: UCSC Business travel is not allowed in some states due to discriminatory policies.  Be sure to review the campus links for Pre-Travel for an up to date list

Travel Specifics

  • The Travel Advance Form must be submitted prior to ANY approved travel
  • If pre-payment is needed, apply in advance (at least 4 weeks) and use the Travel Advance Form with all the supporting documentation
  • Use the campus travel agency, Connexxus, whenever possible (with access to special UC rates): see link below
  • Do not use web travel agents, or group or package deals (i.e. Kayak etc.), since itemized statements are required and are not provided for those sites (and will not be reimbursed)
  • Keep all original, itemized receipts and attach them with the forms submission, along with the conference/meeting brochure or schedule; meeting agenda/s; for hotels/lodging, an original "folio" from the hotel is required
  • Vehicle rentals must be standard or economy.  Upgrades are not acceptable EVEN if less expensive.  Upgrades will NOT be reimbursed UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
  • Mileage reimbursement - attach a "Google Maps" or "Map Quest" print out from UCSC to the destination if traveling during working hours.  If traveling on non-work hours, the print out from your home address is acceptable
  • Meals are reimbursable only if traveling overnight, for greater than 24 hours, with a daily maximum. Original receipts must be attached.  Example: If travel is for San Francisco and the employee drives back and forth from home each day, meals are not covered
  • Alcohol is NOT covered
  • Submit forms and receipts within 30 days
  • Paying for another employee's travel will not be reimbursed


Key Points: 
  • Note: Forms attached are subject to change. Always review campus travel website for most updated forms and information.
  • Seek approval from manager prior to travel
  • Pre-Travel forms must be submitted prior to any approved travel
  • Submit reimbursement forms within 30 days of travel
  • Use the campus travel agency, Connexxus, whenever possible (with access to special UC rates); see link below
  • Do NOT use web travel agents or  group or package deals (i.e. Kayak etc.), since itemized statements are required and are not provided by those sites
  • Keep all original, itemized receipts and attach with the forms submission, along with conference brochure or schedule
  • Alcohol is not covered
  • Do not pay for another employee's travel