Effective Date: 
Tue, 05/01/2012
Fri, 01/05/2018


Proper specimen collection is essential in providing accurate and meaningful results to the physician. The following are reasons for rejecting a specimen submitted for laboratory work-up. The specimen and requisition must be returned to the patient draw station and the ordering clinician must be notified. The patient is then notified to return to have the specimen redrawn.


1. Improperly or unlabeled specimens and/ or requisitions.

2. Source not identified, as with culture specimens.

3. Information on specimen does not match information on the requisition.

4. Improper specimen for requested test, i.e.: not collected in the proper container or tube.

5. Gross hemolysis.

6. Lipemic specimens not suitable for this facility’s laboratory analyzers must be sent to the appropriate reference laboratory for clarifying of specimen and performance of tests.

 7. Partially clotted specimens for tests requiring anti-coagulated specimens (hematology, coagulation).

8. Specimens held for batch testing and improperly stored (not stored at correct temperature, not performed within time limits established by manufacturer).

9. lncompletely filled tubes for coagulation.

10. Insufficient quantity of specimen to adequately perform testing.

11. lf tests are performed on suboptimal specimens (lipemic, slightly hemolyzed, body fluids with clots); a notation indicating the problem must be made in the computer or on the test result form.