Effective Date: 
Tue, 05/19/2015
Thu, 02/08/2018

The Student Health Services actively mitigates risk to our community through communicable disease (CD) prevention, identification and response and through on-going community emergency preparedness and response.    The chair of the Quality management committee is responsible for oversight of these risk reduction activities.  The SHS works with campus colleagues and our local community for disease prevention and response.  The SHS works closely with local, state and national health agencies to mitigate risk.  The SHS works with campus counsel and with the University of California Office of the President Risk management services on risk mitigation and response.


The Quality Management Committee will hear an annual report of disease occurences, emergency preparedness activities, risk mitigation activities and incidence rates for influenza, gastroenteritis, STIs, and other CDs as indicated.

The communicable disease identification and response policy outlines specific CD management policies and procedures.
The Emergency Preparedness policy outlines on-going emergency preparedness policies and procedures.