Effective Date: 
Thu, 01/01/2004
Wed, 06/16/2021
Mon, 04/16/2018

This policy provides the guideline for the cleaning and disinfecting of the patient care areas in the SHC.  These areas include but are not limited to: exam rooms, utility rooms, triage areas, holding rooms, nursing station, etc.


A ‘PRODUCT USE CHART’ is available for reference in the Utility Rooms.

  1. Basic cleaning is provided by the custodial staff from the Campus Facilities Department.  The cleaning contract specifies that the custodial staff will provide the following weekday services in the patient exam rooms and the Laboratory:
  • Exam room sinks and all restrooms are cleaned using approved cleaning agents/products
  • Floors are swept, mopped or vacuumed
  • Containers of non-hazardous trash are emptied
  • Less frequent cleaning, such as shampooing upholstery or cleaning window blinds is arranged by the SHC manager in conjunction with the Facilities staff

2.   Nursing and Medical Assistant staff are responsible for cleaning surface areas, exam tables and equipment used in patient care. This cleaning is done at the end of each work day, and as needed through out the day.   

3.  Morning cleaning prior to start of patient care includes checking the room cleanliness and making sure that hand sanitizers, hand soap, and paper towels have been adequately stocked. Nursing and Medical Assistant staff are responsible for cleaning work areas after each patient encounter.  After every patient encounter the exam table paper is changed, any instruments used are removed and cleaned according to guidelines, and surfaces are checked and cleaned as appropriate.  In the case of a patient with a communicable disease, specific cleaning and closing of the room is done according to the communicable disease protocols. End of the day cleaning includes the above room checks plus cleaning horizontal surfaces using approved agents/products.  (See End of Day Cleaning policy for further details)

4.  Contaminated instruments including speculums are washed/scrubbed and disinfected daily using the approved products. This equipment is then made ready to be autoclaved.  (For information regarding the processing of resusable instruments such as speculums please see IC policies “Processing Speculums” and “Cleaning and Preparation of Instruments for Autoclaving.”)

5. Nursing staff is responsible for the disinfecting and cleaning of reusable medical equipment not appropriate for autoclaving using the procedures outlined in the policies “Disinfecting of Reusable Medical Equipment” and “Disinfecting Diaphragms”  in the IC section of this manual.

6. Biohazardous waste/trash receptacles are checked daily to monitor contents and volume.  These receptacles are emptied as needed and at least weekly by nursing personnel only (NOT custodial personnel).  (Please see ‘Biohazardous Waste’ policy in this manual.)