Effective Date: 
Mon, 06/04/2018

The UCSC Student Health Services provides primary care medical services, behavioral health services and the ancillary, auxiliary and support services which support us to meet our mission to keep students healthy and support academic success.

The primary care services provided at the Student Health Center include preventive care, wellness care, health risk appraisal and assessment, acute illness and injury care, chronic disease management, and counseling regarding end-of-life or palliative care as appropriate.  Primary care medical services are directed by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

Some clinical providers perform minor surgical procedures using only local anesthesia.  No conscious sedation is used.  Privileging to perform surgical procedures and a clear delineation of approved procedures is described in our credentialing policy and available for each individual provider.

Examples of procedures performed at the SHS include skin biopsy, I&Ds, destruction of benign lesions, colposcopy, IUD and Implantable contraceptive care and the repair of simple lacerations.

The UCSC Student Health Center does not provide urgent or immediate care.  The SHS is located on a campus where paramedics are available 24/7 and less than a mile away.

Patients in need of specialty care are referred into the larger health care community.  Referrals can be tracked.  Access to specialty care is monitored and strategies for addressing access insufficiencies are active.

Auxillary services provided include case management, health education, and a behavioral health specialist embedded in primary care.  The Health Center has a full service pharmacy, a laboratory and x-ray.   Primary Care has a shared record with behavioral health services including the psychiatry service.  Behavioral Health Services provide short term solution focused therapy and a variety of psycho-educational and support groups.