Effective Date: 
Fri, 04/09/2010
Sun, 08/01/2021
Sun, 08/01/2021

The UCSC Student Health Services provides the opportunity for students to get tested for sexually transmitted infections, if asymptomatic, without a clinician visit.  Asymptomatic testing includes the following:  Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C.  There are a variety of acceptable specimen sources, depending on the test, including rectum, throat, vagina, urine, and blood.


Students without STI symptoms may go directly to the lab for testing.

Students with symptoms should be referred to Same Day Care for evaluation.

The Student Health Center website provides detailed steps to be taken prior to testing. Before visiting the Lab, students must complete the STI order form in Health e-Messenger. A lab appointment is strongly recommended.

Students sign in when they arrive in the lab waiting area. They are directed to follow the instructions posted in the lavatory to collect self-ordered rectal, throat, vaginal, or urine specimens. Lab staff will collect blood specimens. When applicable, vaginal swabs are preferable to urine specimens.

Testing is done under standing order from the Medical Director or designee.

Self-ordered STI test results are reviewed daily by an assigned nurse. The nurse is responsible for communicating negative results to patients using the EMR secure message system.

Positive STI results are forwarded to the Associate Medical Director, or designee, who is responsible for contacting the patient and assuring appropriate treatment.

The treating clinician is responsible for submitting the state required CMR.