Effective Date: 
Wed, 03/23/2016
Thu, 06/24/2021
Thu, 06/24/2021

Specimens to be sent to Quest Diagnostics are checked against a worklist generated from Harvest LIS. The specimen processor is to check each Quest bag for accuracy of specimen, labeling of specimen and matching of requisition. Once all specimens are checked off the specimens batch is electronically transmitted to Quest and the specimens are bagged at their appropriate temperatures for the Quest courier.



Creating a Send Out Worklist

Double click the Reference Lab window on the Work Centers bar.

A window comes up with a list of specimens to be sent.

Access the File menu in the upper left corner of the screen.

Select Print from the drop down menu.

Select Entire Report from the Options window that pops up.


Sending the Batch to Reference Lab Electronically

Highlight the specimens to be batched in the Reference Lab window.

Click the Create Batch button in the lower right corner of the screen. This will send the orders to the reference lab electronically.

As soon as the list begins printing, hit Cancel on the printer to stop the print.  Discard anything that prints in the shred bin.

When the printing is complete, recheck the "Waiting to be Released" area in the top drop down. All orderes shold have disappeared.  Under the same drop down, go to "Released to the Interface Engine."  Orders should begin to disappear and the whole list should clear in one to two minutes.  If either list does not clear, report it to the supervisor.

Each day, after the printing, the supervisor will check the HL7 files to made sure the orders are succesfully "Outbound".

Reference Lab Match Queue

When a reference lab result has an issue crossing the interface between Point and Click and Harvest, a message will appear in the Reference Lab Match Queue.  It is usually due to one of three issues.

1) The patient ss# is incorrect

2) The sample ID is incorrect

3) The test ID is incorrect

From the Harvest Dashboard

>Laboratory> Reference Lab Match Queue>Select Message

A popup will appear.  Make sure the sample ID and SS# are correct.  On the right side of the box, select the test in question>edit>correct the test ID if necessary.

Click Reprocess

The message will disappear and the result should cross into Point and Click within minutes.

If the result does not appear, print the result from the reference lab application and paper clip it to the front page of the patients corresponding chart.  Highlight the test on the chart page and send the printed result and chart page to Medical Records to be scanned.