Effective Date: 
Mon, 04/18/2016
Fri, 01/31/2020
Fri, 01/31/2020

At times SHS Management may be alerted to a student of concern via various sources such as campus police, Academic Advising, and Student Conduct.  SHS staff may also become aware of a student of concern, in which case they should alert their manager to this situation ASAP.  If the SHS Management determines that this is information all SHS staff should be alerted to, the following process is to be following: 

A “Third Party" note is created by SHS Management in the student’s medical record with details of the concern. The entry “Student of Concern – alert your supervisor” with managers initials and date will be made in 3 places in the EMR:

1. Scheduler Comments (OpenRegistration > Registration > Scheduler Comments)

2. Clinical Comments (OpenChart > Clinical Comments > All Divisions)

3. Admin Alert (OpenRegistration > Admin Alert)

A Broadcast Instant Message will be sent via the EMR to the “Alert Group” comprised of management and IT staff. Laboratory management or IT will add an alert in the “Harvest” lab interface program. Pharmacy management or IT will add the alert in the “Propharm” prescription interface program.


  1. Open the patient
  2. Click “…” under alerts
  3. Add in text from PNC IM
  4. Save patient

If a student has never had a lab test ordered they will not show up in Harvest.  In this case, 
enter a 99999 with testing or student of concern in comment box, and then cancel the lab. 
That will trigger enough data to go to Harvest for Lab Manager or IT to do the notification on.


  1. Open the patient
  2. Click on the note icon (paper with a thumbtack)
  3. Select New
  4. Title with the IM title from PNC
  5. Add in body of note
  6. Set Priority = High
  7. Save

This system of alert notification will help assure all SHS staff have immediate access to any student of concern alerts relevant to staff and/or student safety.  In the event a student with this alert system in place presents or contacts the SHS, all staff should immediately alert their supervisor for further instructions.