Effective Date: 
Sun, 06/01/2008
Mon, 02/03/2020

All tissue pathology testing will be done thru Quest Diagnostics and will normally be performed at their West Hills facility at :

8401 Fallbrook Avenue  Wst Hills, CA 91304  818-737-6000

After collection by the clinician, the specimen will be placed in the appropriate fixative (neutral buffered 10% formalin) The formalin containers are orderd by the laboratory and stocked on the floors.

Tissue pathology requests are entered into PNC. An automatic question box opens at the time of ordering so the specimen description can be entered.

Billing is automatic through PNC once the specimen is accessioned by the lab staff.

Send specimens to Quest laboratory via courier. Lab staff will log the specimen on the pathology specimen transfer log and keep it with the specimen(s) for the Quest courier. The log will have the patient name and a description of the specimen and signature of the processing person. The Quest courier will sign the log upon accepting the specimen. A copy of the log will be kept on file until all results are received and final.

Results are received electronically via the interface with Quest.

Technical questions and requests for reports may be directed to Quest Diagnostics at 866-697-8378. Our account number is 70000273.