Effective Date: 
Thu, 11/01/2007
Tue, 03/13/2018
Wed, 05/27/2015

The Student Health Center requests permission from parents to treat dependent minors attending UCSC prior to students seeking care at the Health Center.   If no consent is on file, the student may be questioned by clinical staff to determine if parental consent is required for the visit.  If the visit is not an exempted problem ( reproductive health or substance abuse), the designated staff contacts the parent prior to an examination.

  1. All incoming students are sent information regarding the Student Health Center which includes information for students who will not be 18 years of age when attending UCSC.
  2. Consent to Treat Minors form is available on our website see "Need a form?" and can be downloaded for completion and mailed or faxed to SHC.  The current form is also available in the electronic medical record.
  3. Underage students are instructed when making an appointment how to obtain parental consent if not for an exempt problem.
  4. Underage students will be registered for a visit when requesting services and given an explanatory paper by the receptionist regarding parental consent.
  5. Appointment making and Reception staff: 
    a.  Identify that the student is underage, assess the student's EMR to determine if a parental consent is already on file.  If it is, the consent is printed and attached to the encounter envelope. 
    b.  If there is no parental consent on file, a blank consent is printed and attached to the encounter envelope to alert staff of minor’s status and the explanatory sheet given to the student to review. 
    c.  All Minor's without previous parental consent on file are first directed to the Triage Nurse.
  6. Triage RN will:
    a.  Interview the student to determine if a  parental consent is required for this visit type. 
    b.  If it is an exempt visit the nurse draws a line through the consent and notes "Not needed for today's visit", signs & dates the forms and attaches it to the encounter envelope. 
    c.  If parental consent is required the Triage Nurse contacts the student's parent, obtains verbal consent, and signs & completes the consent.  Nursing personnel complete a note in chart that permission was obtained by phone.
    d.  At the end of the visit, the completed consent will be directed to Medical Records for scanning in to the EMR.
  7. Parent is asked to complete the written consent form for future needs.
  8. If the parent is not reachable by phone, the student may be treated without consent in case of emergency, such as suturing a laceration or acute respiratory distress requiring rescue medication.
Key Points: 
  • The Student Health Center is available to all registered students regardless of age.
  • The SHC staff will evaluate and educate students regardless of age.
  • Underage students who request help for substance abuse or sexually related concerns, ie pregnancy test, family planning, STI testing or genital concerns do not require parental consent to treat. UTIs related to sexual activity are considered exempt conditions.
  • Emergency treatment for any condition may be given without parental consent if delay to contact parents might compromise patient’s health or safety.
  • It is the responsibility of the clinician or nursing personnel to determine if parental consent is indicated. The Front Desk is not expected to call the parents or obtain the consent.
  • Reasonable attempt is made to obtain consent for non-emergency, non-exempt treatment and this is documented in the medical record



Federal and state law permit health care providers to provide medical care without parental consent for reproductive health ( pregnancy testing or contraception, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment) as well as assistance for substance abuse.

Emergency treatment for injury or serious illness may be given without parental consent if this would jeopardize the patient’s health and safety.

For other medical services, parental consent must be obtained before you are treated with any medications, injections, or medical procedures.

Parents may download a form from the UCSC Student Health Center website, which they can complete and mail or fax to us. Verbal permission can be given at the time of your visit as well. Please let your parents know we will be calling them and to be available. Parents may also call (831) 459-2398 and give verbal permission to the Charge Nurse so you can obtain the care you desire.