Effective Date: 
Fri, 08/01/2008
Fri, 05/25/2018
Fri, 05/25/2018

1.              CAPS staff must maintain standards of practice that are ethical and uphold the legal mandates of the state of California and Federal law (CMIA, FERPA, or HIPAA, where applicable) as mental health professionals.

2.              Primary supervisors are responsible for monitoring the welfare of the supervisee’s clients and are also responsible for monitoring the clinical, outreach, and consultation performance and professional development of their supervisee.  Specific responsibilities for training staff can be found in section on “Responsibilities of Training Staff.”

3.              CAPS staff members that are full-time (at least .83 FTE) must allocate an appropriate number of hours per week for new Initial Assessments (IA) through the Central Office.  If a CAPS staff member does not offer a group during the quarter, another additional IA hour should be allocated to the Central Office.

4.               Most clinical staff are hired as full-time, with a one-month, unpaid furlough, resulting in a .92 FTE value.  Some staff have a two-month unpaid furlough (.83 FTE). Some staff are hired into 12 month positions (1.0 FTE) to meet the clinical needs of the Center.  It is also possible, based on staff-management concurrence, to waive all or part of the furlough on an annual basis to meet the needs of the Center.

5.                Some staff, based on management-staff concurrence, have positions that are less than full-time on a weekly basis.  Clinical loads are adjusted accordingly in these situations although exempt staff may still be required to work beyond their allocated hours.  Staff primarily in counseling or psychiatric roles, whose regular schedules range from 30-36 hours per week (.75 to .9), must work at least three days until clinic closing (currently 5:00 pm) on their regular schedules.  Staff who work less than that per week (.5 to .74), or who have a temporary schedule based on an ERIT or FMLA, need to meet with the Director or designee to arrange a mutually agreeable schedule.

6.              CAPS staff must keep their scheduled counseling appointments with clients unless otherwise arranged.  If a staff member is ill or has an important personal matter that requires canceling an appointment, every effort should be made to notify the client beforehand and reschedule the appointment.  If it is not possible to notify the client in advance, the staff member must notify the college or ask the Central Office staff to notify the college or Family Student Housing staff to post a notice that the appointment is cancelled.  It is the responsibility of the CAPS staff member to make every effort to reschedule the appointment as soon as possible.

7.              As many of our staff have offices off-site and regularly generate Protected Health Information (PHI) such as informed consents and releases of information, all staff with off-site offices are provided a locking bag (HIPAA bag) for transporting said PHI. Staff are expected to transport this PHI in the HIPAA bags as soon as possible to the Central office. At the Central office, it will scanned into the student's record then shredded, per our Medical Records policy.

8.              The following procedures are in effect when urgent requests come from the CAPS Central Office:   

  • Administrative/Central Office support staff members will call all senior staff members (CP IIs or Senior Psychologists) as needed when the staff members providing Crisis Consultation require backup that was not scheduled.
  • CAPS staff members must have voicemail availability (not filled to capacity) and check their voicemails regularly.  When called by the Central Office staff member, CAPS senior staff members must return calls to acknowledge that the message was received.  CAPS staff members must check their voicemail between appointments.  When needed, it may be necessary to cancel regularly scheduled appointments and respond to a crisis assessment request.
  • Failure to respond will be documented and appropriate administrative/personnel action will be taken.

9.              When CAPS staff members are away from their offices without prior approved leave (vacation or professional development) they must report it to the Central Office, e.g., sick leave, family leave, etc. CAPS staff, in an exempt status, requesting personal time of more than two hours during regularly scheduled work time must get prior approval from management.  Non-exempt staff need prior approval for all time off requests.

10.              All CAPS clinical staff are required to be licensed mental health professionals with the following exceptions.  CAPS does allow for extending post-doctoral fellowship contracts.  These staff must be supervised by a management staff member or designee on a regular basis until they are fully licensed in California, have competed our credentialing process, and privileges are established. Psychologists who are licensed in another state have 180 days from from making application for California licensure or establishing residency in California (whichever comes first) to acquire California licensure, as a condition of employment. These staff must be supervised by a management staff member or designee on a regular basis until California licensure is attained.

11.              All CAPS clinical staff have regular availability of clinical supervision and case consultation.  All staff are assigned a member of the management team for regular "touch base" meetings for both clinical and admistrative supervision.  All clinical staff are assigned to a "Clinical Team" that meets regularly to consult on cases and other professional issues.  Clinical staff are encouraged to consult with each other or a member of the management team about challenging clinical cases.