Effective Date: 
Mon, 06/08/2015
Thu, 02/01/2018
Tue, 06/21/2016

CAPS strives to ensure that all clinical services meet the highest possible standards. New clinical staff are hired after an in person interview and reference checks, and completing our credentialing process.  New staff complete online trainings (e.g. Sexual Harassment) and in person trainings (e.g. Confidentiality, Illness and Injury Prevention Plan).  Clinical staff meet with a supervisor or member of the CAPS management team to learn about our electronic health record, policies and procedures, and an overview of our clinical services.  Psychiatry staff are also oriented on laboratory and pharmacy services. New clinical staff are monitored closely to ensure clinical quality and thoroughness.  If significant clinical concerns surface, they are brought to the attention of the CAPS Director immediately.


New staff are assigned a proctor to review their initial clinical work. Proctoring should begin as soon as possible, allowing for review of both initial assessment and ongoing treatment competency.  The proctor reviews documentation of thirty, face to face, clinical encounters using the counseling or psychiatry peer review form respectively.  Proctoring should be completed as soon as possible but should not extend past 90 days. Staff are given feedback on the results of this initial review period and additional training is provided if indicated.  If significant clinical concerns are identified, the proctoring period can be extended for an additional three months with additional chart review. Clinical staff in primary case management roles are similarly monitored at the outset of their employment.